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Product Review - NextGen EMR E-mail
Written by Karen Corey   
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NextGen EMR ( is a versatile, multi-module system that can be used to automate a practice's workflow no matter what size or specialty. This system gives you all the tools in one application to maintain your practice's patient information and streamlines workflow by offering 24 specialty templates which come pre-loaded with detailed options for documenting the patient's histories, procedures and assessments. NextGen EMR gives you all the applications needed to run the daily operations of your facility from scheduling to billing. This system was designed specifically for use by clinicians to ensure fast user-adoption with built-in clinical content and workflow for Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

In Use
NextGen EMR is user friendly with its full compliment of navigation options. The login screen is unique due to the fact you can either use a user name and password or there is a key pad to enter a numerical pin. The workflow screen appears after login and from here you can access any module by selecting from one of the numerous icons on the left. This system is designed for physicians to point and click their way through an entire exam quickly and effortlessly. NextGen EMR has over 20 different specialties packaged in one application with a huge selection of pre-built templates to help automate the workflow. The overall ease and setup of the menus makes navigation through the entire application seamless and effortless. NextGen also offers NextGen EPM at an additional cost which integrates with the NextGen EMR which means both clinical and administrative data is accessible in one database.


Technology employed
The NextGen EMR is a Microsoft certified partner that utilizes state-of-the-art technology, which includes Windows OS, SQL database and Microsoft Active Domain architecture. The applications employ sophisticated protocols to ensure security and HIPAA compliance. The applications are written in Visual Basic and Visual C++ which enables the user to interact with the system through a portable, wireless workstation or a standard Windows based desktop computer. As the data is captured, it is relayed back to the database engine on a UNIX, Windows 2000/NT or Novell server. You can run the application on a locally hosted server; NextGen also has a corporate data center which can act as a host for your data collection.

Ease of use, configuration, and deployment
NextGen EMR has user friendly tools that allow you to customize workflow and content options quickly. This system provides diagnostic support and clinical reference information which improves patient satisfaction.  The price of NextGen EMR varies depending on the size of the practice and any additional options purchased.


The overall ease and setup of the menus make navigation through the entire application seamless and effortless. This system is designed for physicians to point and click their way through an entire exam quickly and effortlessly. This multi featured system streamlines workflow, increases productivity, and enhances quality of care.
Advanced Security
Over 20 different specialties
Improves quality of documentation

Additionalfeatures can increase the cost of the system

Karen Corey
About the author:
Karen Corey is a freelance writer and researcher with over 10 years experience in marketing research and healthcare. She does reviews, articles, and blogs on a variety of topics and specializes in SEO and all types of software. She resides in Southern California.
Comments (37)
37 Thursday, 09 August 2012 12:56
SRS is a much more affordable solution and will guaranteed save you money over time
Nurse Documentation template to be inserted into Cardiology template workflow
36 Thursday, 14 June 2012 18:49
I need help...
does anyone know how to insert templates into the cardiology specialty specific templates? Is this possible? Does anyone have the contact of a template builder who can give me step by step instructions for how to do this?
Huge Pile
35 Tuesday, 29 May 2012 08:42
Of all the comments below, two rang particularly true for me. 1. This is why I hate going to work in the AM. 2. The more tech-savvy you are the more you hate Nextgen. I am a subspecialist and I attempt to avoid outpatient follow up after inpatient consultation b/c of Nextgen. It's not right.

This is the worst EMR ever designed. I hate it.
34 Saturday, 12 May 2012 04:21
Pete A
I am a Nextgen Certified Professional that has been implementing Nextgen in many different specialties for the past 4 years. I've also implemented many other EMR's throughout the years. I very much agree with all the comments on this page(I read every single one). Nextgen EHR is absolutely horribly designed, each piece is built by different people that do not work together, not tested by Nextgen staff before release, and always promised that the problems will be fixed in the next release. Nextgen sells you on a "solution that can be used out of the box" but it is far from that. I have found so many blatant design flaws that completely turn your electronic patient chart into a document of unreadable text and false information. I honestly don't know how this company has not been shut down due to patient safety concerns and lawsuits.

ICS, Nextgen's scanning solution, is less than stable. I spend half my day hunting down documents that got filed in someone else's chart due to system errors.

EPM, Nextgen's scheduling and billing software, seems to be much better than any of their other products. You can tell this is where the company started. Although, the EPM application is riddled with problems itself.

In conclusion, if you have a dedicated group of very experienced template developers to custom create templates the way you want, this product could really be amazing. The application has great "bones" but the programming is shoddy. Keep in mind that if you customize templates and then take an upgrade, you may be re-creating all your custom work again due to incompatibility issues.

If I can leave you with 1 piece of useful information, it would be this: If you are currently using Nextgen EHR or starting an implementation, do your physicians a favor and purchase the 3rd party application called IMO. This is the single best thing we have ever implemented to make the system usable and functional. IMO is basically an integrated template that calls out to a webpage and replaced the diagnosis lookup within Nextgen (the absolute most horrible part of using the application). I literally had at least 10 physicians hug me (this is not a joke) the day we implemented it. Enjoy.
33 Thursday, 19 April 2012 07:31
Dr S
I love tech; had subscription to Byte magazine in the 70's. Have worked with NextGen for 10 months now. Work in CHC, primary care. This system is fine for a procedure based practice, or maybe peds or a practice taking care of primarily healthy patients. It is awful, slow and inefficient for caring for typical IM patients.
Even my non-medical IT-trained son could immediately understand why this system works so poorly for actual patient care. IMHO, the end-user experience had zero priority in the design of this system, other priorities (sales to admin?) Productivity has plummeted. Avoid this system.
Maybe this will help
32 Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:22
I am also a Nextgen user for the past 6 years. I experienced many of the same frustrations mentioned in this thread. Our solution was to design a new native iOS front end for nextgen that runs on the iPad. I have been using it for 6 months now. It resolves many of the data visualization issues and streamlines work flow. Currently, it works mostly to visualize the data in nextgen. I will start testing integrated dragon dictation this week. You can check it out on the app store: iConx.

(full disclosure- we developed this product, I usually don't post like this about iConx, but this thread really hit home as to why we developed it)
Mobile solution focused on workflow
31 Wednesday, 14 March 2012 08:43
I am also a nextgen user and share many of the frustrations expressed in these posts. Unfortunately we are too deeply invested in NextGen in our practice to move to another EMR. Our solution was to develop a new front end to NextGen that runs as a native iPad app. I have been using this product in my high volume practice for 6 months. It solves many of the problems we have with work flow and with the consumption of patient data. Check it out:

(Full disclosure, we developed and sell this product....I don't usually post about it in forums, but this thread really hit close to home for me.)
too expensive
30 Friday, 09 March 2012 17:08
we recently had asked nextgen for a quote and all i can say is that we cant afford it. we just cant! now we are looking at some web based solutions as they seem more reasonably priced. does anyone have any experience with curemd and eclinical works?
29 Sunday, 01 January 2012 18:38
USING X 4 MONTHS NOW, HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. NextGen generates huge volumes of blather that efficiently buries all of the useful patient information which is stored in multiple barely labled files that can not be organized chronolocially. E-mail, labs, and all sorts of vital patient information get buried under the huge amounts of garbage NG generates. Office efficiency is sacrificed, staff (and drs) are unhappy. I wish we could go back to our old EMR.
NextGen EMR pop up warning
28 Wednesday, 16 November 2011 12:55
Cat J
I have worked in large hospitals with EHR technology. I was recently terminated from my job because when a patient is entered in our NextGen EMR system,a pop-up will show if a patient is denied services, meaning I am not allowed to refill his medication, the problem is if I go out of the patient to do something else and come back to it, the pop up will not come up again. This happended to me and I refilled a medication and was terminated because the people who terminated me have not worked with the system and do not believe that the pop-up never returned to the screen. This faulty trechnology cost me my job!!! If anyone wants to start a lawsuit, I'm in!
NextGen is Terrible
27 Monday, 10 October 2011 02:12
Unhappy Provider
We have been suffering with NextGen for 3 years and it is clearly the worst thing to ever happen to our practice. I am a provider and my productivity is permanently down 40% due to this antiquated EHR. More importantly, NextGen has a number of patient safety issues and continues to put our patients in harms way.
26 Saturday, 01 October 2011 16:42
James Miller
We have a provider-owned group of over 200 physicians, NPs and PAs. We've been on nextgen for about 5 yrs and are going through the 7.9 "upgrade" now for over 2 weeks. Unfortunately all the negative comments above are true. The program is on the level of Windows '95 (or worse) and I'm afraid 7.9 is just a sly shuffling of the same old crap. I have to think it's somewhat of a scam. I've loved electronic records and scheduling since my first exposure in the early 80's but this is SUCH a disappointment. And the more tech-savvy a provider is, the more they hate nextgen. In our daily lives we're using our iPads, laptops and phones with seamless, intuitive programming and then when we go to the clinic it's like traveling back in time... and the contrast grows sharper every day as nextgen continues to fall behind.
The NextGEN EMR cancer
25 Monday, 12 September 2011 11:30
Creed Wait
I have been using NextGEN for three weeks now. It is the most horrible, cumbersome, excuse for an EMR that one could imagine. NOTHING is intuitive. Basic ICD codes are missing. The faults are too long and too numerous to list. It is taking me three hours per patient. There is no way to list PMHx and PSHX. All you can do is list chronic problems and acute problems. Surgical history is slopped in with medical history. The sales people are slick as hell and the product is a cancer. DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE.
i hate this program sooo much!
24 Monday, 22 August 2011 00:31
just data entry, los angeles, california.
this program is the sole reason i don't want to go to work in the morning. when this hunk of junk was dropped on us, it was all horrible after that. our bosses won't acknowledge its really that bad. everyone is so angry now because of it but won't show it and it makes us all act out crazy sometimes. no one is helping us with it. we are alone on this. i even screamed out some obscene things to the consultant because she didn't know wtf to do.
*data entry is that much harder.
*new patients take about 80% longer than the old program.
*patient flow went from 1.5 hours to a whopping 2.75 hrs min.
*our billing people hate it too.
*the medics at work all hate the crappy, sloppy, sludgy piece of work.
*it is real tedious to check in.
*auto flow really is not what it states. rather it circles back and forth between tabs and tabs of info. quite the opposite, it makes you do things like "security" clicks.
*its just a really bad system for an ambulatory care setting.
Supporting NG
23 Wednesday, 17 August 2011 17:24
I work for a community health center and am part of a two person IT team and we support 3 sites, all three using Citrix . We have a single Nextgen Project Manager. We have a combination of Custom and stock templates. Yes NextGen does initially lower production and if I remember correctly they do tell you that. What we have found is better documentation and once the providers get used to it they like it rather well. No it isn't perfect but as far as I can see it is way better than anything else I have seen out there.
We are getting ready to go through a major upgrade, and yes it is a lot of work, but if planned out and done correctly everything goes well. The real pain is a KBM upgrade. Difficult due to the custom templates and field changes in the upgrade, but again if planned correctly it goes fairly smooth. SO what I am seeing is disgruntled or poorly trained people here.
No I am not accusing anyone of not being dilligent o anything like that, but after reading all this I just don't understand it.
Nextgen EMR
22 Saturday, 11 June 2011 03:42
Lynore Martinez
I have used Nextgen for over 5 years and as soon as my contract with them was complete, I immediately switched to an alternative EMR. Their customer support is terrible and every additional feature or system is available only for significant additional cost. I would strongly recommend not using Nextgen. They don't offer appropriate training and additional training comes at additional cost.
NextGen EPM
21 Wednesday, 01 June 2011 17:57
Nightmare...Lost Data, No support. Always told that it's fixed in the upgrade. Few $grand more. Already bought for $80,000.00. Everything costs MORE.. Questionable salesmen.
Missing visits. ERA files rejected "visits not found".
Secondary claims (NextGen generated) reports - "original claim not found" Yet our clearing house has the submission report. Demographics crossing into other patients and pulling different data. $20,000.00 this year alone IT vendor management with a Nextgen certified company.. List goes on and on and on. Niether NextGen or Microsoft will accept blame for Database loss issues. A wolf in sheeps clothing.. Need help!!!
20 Saturday, 21 May 2011 10:40
An IT Guy
And I thought I was just disgruntled about having to support NextGen. Yeah, under the hood it's shoddy as all hell, the "integrated" EHR and EPM were shoehorned together and the database and GUI is a sloppy mess, and the sales guys are slick pitchmen that hardly understand the product they're pushing. It gives me heartburn and anxiety and consumes vast amounts of everybody's time babysitting. Seems like it was built to create jobs, which ain't a bad thing unless you work in any normal company that doesn't want to hire an entire team devoted to supporting one system. Getting ready to go on the EHR soon. Yay!
19 Sunday, 01 May 2011 17:59
I am, like many of the posters, an employed family physician for a large hospital system. We have been on NextGen for 8 months. We assumed after a few months we would be back up to our previous productivity. We now realize that our productivity has been reduced at least 20% permanently. Does anyone have any tips on using this product more efficiently? Or, as is my opinion, if you're forced to use it do you just have to accept the lost productivity.
nextgen emr
18 Wednesday, 16 March 2011 19:25
I am having a problem in the settings on nextgen, under preferences in tools: my system seems to be set on "sucks" and i need to change it to "does not suck". where is the button for that, i cant seem to find it while taking 10 clicks to enter a diagnosis.
Run away from NextGen!
17 Monday, 07 March 2011 13:40
Dr. E.
NextGen has been a nightmare for our office. Even 6-months later, we're still struggling past an inefficient system with countless bugs and idiosyncracies.
But don't take my word for it. Google search " an ehr user satisfaction survey " and select the AAFP website, where you can read an article comparing NextGen to the other major EMR's (NextGen didn't place dead last, but pretty close).
Avoid NextGen like the plague
16 Tuesday, 01 March 2011 18:48
Family Physician
I am very computer savvy, and have worked with other EMR's in the past.
After using NextGen for a while, two things become apparent:
A) It was designed in pieces by numerous teams of programmers, none of whom actually talked with one another to come up with a consistent, unified system; and
B) The designers had very limited input from physicians.
The problems are far to numerous to outline below, but here are a few examples of the insanity I deal with on a daily basis.
-Templates exist for many problems, but not for some really common problems. So they have pre-made templates for Sjogren's and Peyronie's, but not conjunctivitis, or anxiety, or pre-operative history/physical.
-The medication prescribing module does not list the patient's drug allergies. The system will alert you to allergies/interactions/contraindications, but not when you select a medication; you have to wait until you have entered all the data and instructions and submitted it before you find out about a potential problem. And it will flag interactions and contraindications for any med that has EVER been prescribed to the patient with the system, even if he hasn't taken it in a year! Finally, it flags everything imaginable (like a warning against using Advair in asthmatics!)
-Some things just don't match up, so the part that allows you enter comments may accept 1000 characters, but the screen to read the comments only displays the 1st 300! Also, depending on where you enter data, it may or may not actually show up in the visible chart.
As before, I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea.
Let me leave you with these final pearls, which speak volumes. In 2008, the American Academy of Family Practice surveyed family doctors about their EMR's. NextGen ranked #10 out of 13 (not quite the worst, but pretty bad!) Of NextGen users, only 37% said they'd choose the same system again (I'll bet they never tried another system to know how good it could be!), and only 34% felt the system was worth the cost.
15 Tuesday, 08 February 2011 20:44
horrible --sloppy product -- filled with errors and inane check boxes --absolutely NO support --was never trained and wrought with daily frustrations ...For FP practice next gen is PURE garbage --and tranfer of a next gen record to a specialist is a worthless embarrasssment!!!! don't waste your money !!!
NextGen EMR
14 Friday, 21 January 2011 13:09
Shearin Higgs
We are undergoing implementation now. This was forced on us by the corporate organization. I agree with the other posters. This system is definitely not intuitive. It also appears as it will consume volumes of time, not only now but for months to come. My contract is based on productivity and I am extremely alarmed.
13 Wednesday, 05 January 2011 22:24
updates are a nightmare. Very slow, lost productivity is immense. I am a doc for a large co. Would love to have this product unceremoniously dumped, won't happen because of the cost. I have no experience with other EMR's, but this one has seriously hurt my ability to provide good medicine,efficiency is out of the question. Dragon speech recognition does help-would not contemplate using this system without dragon. Good luck and beware
NEXTGEN Implementation - PROJECT MANAGER needed ASAP
12 Wednesday, 15 December 2010 13:42
I have an immediate need for a Project Manager for a NEXTGEN implementation in the Philadelphia area. If anyone is interested or knows anyone please reach out to me asap.

Jamie Feinstein 908-468-8644
Senior Recrtuiter
TrueBridge Resources - North East Region
11 Tuesday, 10 August 2010 20:05
Not intuitive. Tedious multiple screens to do one simple thing. Long waits between screens. Frequent crashes. This program slows me down so much, I have taken to writing notes in Word and pasting them into the documents in the program. It definitely feels as if the program was designed to thwart the user. Needless to say, clinicians at my workplace had no input into the choice of the EMR: lowest bid won, and we got this crap. If this software were alive, it would be Frankenstein's monster, and the villagers would be lighting the torches and brandishing the pitchforks. Stay far, far away from NextGen.
piece of crap
10 Monday, 26 July 2010 21:41
frustrated resident
My resident program outpatient clinics use nextgen EMR while the main hospital uses Cerner/Citrix. Compared to the Cerner system Nextgen is ridiculously difficult to use, navigate, and input information into. I use it almost every day for a few hours so I am definitely an experienced user and know my way around computers. This product is crap and from what I hear pretty expensive. Stay far away is my advice.
NextGen EMR
9 Thursday, 15 July 2010 16:51
Bill Bartlett
I work at a rural clinic that is quite busy and like most of you, I thought the presentation was impressive. However, unlike many of many EMR novices, I have worked with so many different EMRs I've lost track. Within 20min of the using it during the DEMO i saw all I needed to see. However, I'm just an employee here and my opinion counts nil. NextGen was purchased against my wishes and I'll be paying for it in lost productivity bonuses for years. This is without a doubt the most difficult, labor intensive, productivity nose diving system I've ever worked with. Words can not begin to describe how much I HATE it. Remember I've been using these EMRs since the 90s and NextGen is a lot worse than the old original VA system of 15 years ago. Steer way clear.
8 Tuesday, 09 March 2010 15:54
Implementation Analyst
NextGen does a great job selling a product, but a very poor job of supporting their product and their clients. The upgrade process is as others have mentioned, a nightmare. Customization? Sure for $250 an hour. Or you can hire an independent contractor for about half the cost. However - then the upgrade process becomes even more of a nightmare. Very steep learning curve, too much content that cannot be separated by specialty, and a cardiology product that looks NOTHING like the rest of the application. I would not recommend this software.
7 Thursday, 31 December 2009 04:45
Dr B
My MSO has been using nextgen for over 2yrs.. It is without a doubt, the most frustrating, idiotic program I have ever used. The learning curve is too steep, the interface is completely non-intuitive (think DOS, not even windows for workgroups), etc. Our productivity is down 20%plus. At my last count, 15-20 mouse strokes on 6-7different screens just to tell my nurse to call the patient back and tell them the answer is 'yes'. Our lead receptionist made the comment last week "It's like someone is intentionally trying to sabotage our office with this program."
NextGen EHR -- behind the scenes
6 Friday, 04 December 2009 00:40
A NextGen EHR Certified Professional
I am an implementation analyst/template developer with a large MSO, and we've been trying to implement NG EMR for over 3 years. I will give NG credit for recognizing the flaws in their templates and QA processes; NG has put a lot of effort into improving the core templates and fixing bugs. The upcoming 7.9 version of the templates looks very promising. But the previous and current versions were/are a mess, requiring several patches and client customization to fix all sorts of minor and critical errors. Upgrades to new versions of the templates are nothing short of nightmarish. The reviewer's claims of "seamless", "quick" and "effortless" navigation through the product are, to be polite, vastly exaggerated. The EMR product is difficult to implement, difficult to maintain, and requires advanced knowledge of template design and SQL to customize effectively. As I said, NG deserves kudos for attempting to address these problems. But small practices without strong IT resources should evaluate NG EMR very cautiously. Yes, it demos very well. The cardiology templates LOOK great, for example. But underneath the hood, it's a different and often frustrating experience.
looking at nextgen for Cardiology
5 Saturday, 21 November 2009 00:00
We had a presentation with next gen last week. It was very impressive 2 hour presentation. We are also looking at GE centricity, MkKesson Practice Partner and GEMS.
For a 9 MD Cardiology single speciality practice. Any comments ar advice will be appreciated
How are you handling paper?
4 Thursday, 15 October 2009 16:00
Dane Meuler
How easily does NextGen work with scanning of the current charts or new paper that arrives on a daily basis?
3 Thursday, 20 August 2009 14:06
Chris Kent
I speak to a lot of Clients/Doctors as a consultant to the industry on technology concerns, and while I can say that most EMR/EHR users are generally happier now that they are off paper, I have not talked to a happy NextGen user yet. As a matter of fact, I can think of a half dozen practices that are contemplating bringing suit against the company for complete product failure. I typically try to steer people away from them.

I am a New England based person, so maybe its just a geographic occurrence, but it is a reoccurrence for sure... hopefully they are adjusting whatever is wrong b/c its bad for the industry when a vendor this large underperforms this badly.
nextgen emr
2 Monday, 10 August 2009 11:18
when nextgen first came everyone was excited saying that it was user friendly. I have to admit when I first saw it I thought it was great. I work for Family Practice doctor and it worked for us immediately. But after a while I started to notice there were things that it can not do unless you really go out of your way for that convience. Getting labs back is still a huge issue. It does not show pending labs. So if we order 5 test only 4 show because the 5th one isnt done, but it doesnt show that the 5th one is pending so more labs are falling through the cracks...
NextGen EMR
1 Wednesday, 29 July 2009 13:29
Sarah Jackson
My office has tried to implement NextGen in a cardiology as your image above shows. It was a nightmare.. the templates simply did not work as described.

Maybe they are better after a few years.

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